We diagnose water penetration.

handelsplattform binäre optionen Studying the travel of water seepage is our mission. We are not out to sell you a new roof, we inspect and repair damages to shingled and flat roofs.

  • We examine the interiors
  • Take an in depth look at the damage to locate causes
  • Inspect the attic for possible mould and insulation damage
  • Locate the roof damage and prepare a permanent or temporary solution

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Working with insurance adjusters and restoration companies has added safety culture, operational excellence, innovative practices and timely repairs at Bach Roofing. At Bach Roofing, we prefer to fully repair the area of concern versus a roofer with a caulking gun and a hope. We permanently solve the problem, we take into consideration the lifespan of the roof and determine if a repair will resolve the issue for many years to come, or if it is time to fully replace the roof.

We're homeowners too. We spend our money wisely, not frequently. Contact us for a solution.