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Our certified staff is knowledgeable about the best installation practices. Bach Roofing is a "ShingleMaster"company that is always aiming to exceed your expectations, and supersede building code regulations.

We offer many options to suit your need and budget.

  • go to link Designer Fiberglass Shingles - Durable, dimensional, multi-colour blend finishes. The "Landmark" brand was voted a Consumer's Choice Best Buy for its durability, longevity and value
  • Lyrica for purchase Luxury Fiberglass Shingles - Give authentic depth and dimension of natural slate or cedar roofs
  • is it illegal to buy accutane online Inspire Composite Slate Shingles - Endures qualities of tooled craftsmanship, natural beauty, and has an authentic slate look. 
  • Cedar Shakes and Shingles - A locally sourced wood roof with a rustic appearance to further compliment your home for many decades

We always recommend what is required to uphold our strongest warranty to you, "For As Long As Your Own Your Home", but at the end of the day, your budget and needs are what's most important. We work with homeowners so they can make an educated decision about their investment. We will never compromise quality, as we will use only brand specific products approved by the manufacturer of your choice and will include all recommended accessories for improved performance and longevity. 

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Cedar Roof Replacement

Thinking about cedar shake roofing for your home? If so, you’re looking at a beautifully rustic roof with a lot of advantages. Depending on the quality of the product and installation, and the care you provide to maintain it, cedar shake roofing can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years! Highly resistant to hail damage, cedar shake roofing makes an excellent choice for homeowners living in the Vancouver area where we see endless rain.

Cedar Roof Pros and Cons in Vancouver


  1. Cedar is the only roofing material that is local to British Columbia
  2. Cedar is a renewable resource, plus more than 50% of our Western Red Cedar and 100% of our Alaskan Yellow Cedar is salvaged from wind fallen trees.
  3. Cedar offers the highest R-Value (insulation) of any common roofing material, typically 4x that of typical asphalt shingles.
  4. Offers the timeless authenticity of a natural material at a low price relative to other natural materials such as clay or stone.
  5. Offers supreme wind and hail resistance.


  1. Requires maintenance over time
  2. Moderate to high initial cost to install.
  3. Not suitable for areas with natural wildfires

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Asphalt Roof Replacement

There is a reason why asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular roofing material in Vancouver, and indeed around the country.  Asphalt shingles offer many years of performance at a lower initial cost than other materials and are a solid choice for any homeowner on a budget.  Plus, in the past fifteen year manufactures have made great strides in developing products with more depth and character than your grandma’s asphalt had.

Asphalt Roof Pros and Cons in Vancouver


  1. Low cost of initial install
  2. Many color and Texture options


  1. Appearance can sometimes feel ‘cheap’
  2. Questionable environmental impact

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