Professional Roof Related Carpentry Services For Your Home

The roofing trade not only involves the activity of waterproofing exterior surfaces, it encompasses a number of related disciplines which are necessary components of a properly executed project.

follow Carpentry work represents a common element associated with roof construction. After undertaking the removal of existing roofing materials, the exposed substrate (deck) is visible, and often is found to have rotted wood needing replacement.

Below the substrate are supporting roof rafters which support the load of the roof structure, the waterproofing materials, and the weight of any snow, ice, HVAC equipment, or pedestrian traffic as found on many residential or commercial http://sundialdesign.com/blog/page/4/ flat roofs.

At  http://dustinhallphotography.com/rebecca-morgan/ Bach Roofing we have carpenters on staff who are skilled in completing the necessary structural repairs, prior to application of new waterproofing materials. On flat roofs, the ability to improve roof drainage by “cricketing” (sloping) the roof to flow toward drains, is most cost effectively handled by making structural changes through carpentry.

Similarly, sloping roofs which exhibit warped deck surfaces, or extreme undulation, serve as warnings that cracked roof rafters may be present, or that condensation has effectively degraded the decking over time. Shingle manufacturers require that a sound and even, deck be present for their warranties to be in effect.

Many Vancouver homes have architectural details involving natural wood finishes such as tongue & groove soffits, porch under-hangs, and related fascia boards, freize moldings, or dentil work trim. The Bach Roofing carpenters are experienced at replacing and repairing these aesthetic character details.


Soffit and fascia board repairs and replacement

 Soffit and fascia both play a crucial role in the look and function of your home. The soffit is used to cover the under-hang of your roof and gables, and can protect from animal intrusion as well as providing intake ventilation for your attic.

Proper installation of fascia and soffits is important as they protect the eaves area of the roof and building from water damage as well as animal intrusion. They also provide a maintenance-free, enhanced finished appearance for your residential or commercial building. Materials are available in a variety of colours.

Residential property owners can modernize and upgrade the appearance of their homes by installing maintenance free siding, soffit and fascia materials which serve to minimize maintenance, add insulation and thermal efficiency, improve aesthetics and increase property value.

Additional benefits for commercial building owners include an economical way to modernize the look of a plaza or building when compared to repainting or undertaking major exterior renovation work.

Important tips on selecting the right soffit, fascia and siding materials:

  • Soffit installations today are mostly completed in aluminum. A variety of colours and material gauges help enhance the visual appearance of the building exterior.
  • Fascia boards are usually combed-spruce. Other options include maintenance free PVC fascia or even Cedar, which is inert to rot. 
  • Protecting difficult access areas such as wood fascias and soffits, eliminates the need for dangerous access or painting.
  • Siding materials are available in Cedar, PVC, vinyl, aluminum and cement fiber which provide low maintenance, durability and are available in various styles and profiles.
  • Installing new siding provides the opportunity to install proper vapour retarders such as Tyvec, building wrap and exterior insulation.
  • Some heritage, historic or classic buildings may have a wood based soffit and fascia that can be restored with cedar, or tongue and groove cedar or pine.

Bach Roofing is a roofing and building exterior specialist with more than 12 years of experience. We use top quality materials from trusted manufacturers to ensure long-lasting results. Our qualified, trained and experienced staff delivers first class service to ensure your peace of mind and superior customer satisfaction.


Skilled Residential Siding Installation And Repairs For Greater Vancouver Homes:

Similar to soffit and fascia, siding has both functional and decorative value. In addition to protecting your home while contributing to an enhanced, finished appearance, it can also provide significant maintenance and energy savings. Vinyl and aluminum siding typically do not need to be painted as they are less susceptible to damage/warping when compared to wood. If insulation is installed prior to siding application, it may contribute to a significant reduction in your energy consumption.